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The Gestalt theory

The parts of a visual image may be considered, analyzed, and evaluated as distinct components. And, the whole of a visual images is different from and greater than the sum of its pats. For example, when you look at a photograph of a landscape you might consider the hills, sky, sunset, lake, and trees as elements to be separately admired. Yet taken together they form a coherent whole of unified beauty, each part adding to the other.

Graphic designers vs artists

Graphic design is not art. The fine artist has an audience of only one (himself or herself). In the other hand, the graphic designer deals with a mass audience of in some cases millions. The approach is different. Often graphic design looks like art (and vise versa). Materials and techniques are similar. Both artist and designer solve visual problems. However, the artist satisfies self while the designer must move groups of people to attend an event, follow a sign, understand a map, or buy a product.

Google Fonts

Forget Helvetica! quality fonts like Roboto are available at Google Fonts for free.


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